Global Address Cleansing

Run your own free online audit to get an instant review of the quality of your consumer data and how we can improve it.

Our services include data cleansing, profiling and data enhancement across over 240 countries.

  • Improve address quality
  • Output enhanced address, verification flag, accuracy score and mailing format address
  • Profile your database
  • Identify the key characteristics of
    your customers including lifestage, affluence and location 
  • Add consumer insights e.g CAMEO
  • Append CAMEO International code to compare your customers across markets
  • Output mapping codes to visualise your customers spatially


CAMEO Online is quick and easy to use with 24/7 online access. 

You have the ability to run a free data quality audit before you commit to buy anything as well as a free CAMEO profile report. 

  • Gain a deeper understanding into your prospects and customers through CAMEO profiling
  • Keep your data in top condition, thus reducing waste and improving the customer experience
  • Append international code to facilitate global marketing
  • Increase your response rate and ROI to boost upsell/cross sell opportunities

Pricing bands

Volume Cost per 1000 records
Up to 20,000 records £24.95
Up to 50,000 records £22.50
Up to 100,000 records £17.95
Up to 250,000 records £15.95
Up to 500,000 records £14.50
Up to 1 million records £13.95

Our typical minimum order fee is £500.

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